Effective Communication Training

English language is an integral part of our daily lives especially in the professional world. No professional communication is complete without proper and correct usage of English. Be it correct pronunciation, proper accent, pitch, tone and volume, there are many components of professional communication that need to be essentially combined together by an individual in order to be a great professional communicator. It is often observed, especially in students, that despite of having ample knowledge, they fail to succeed due to lack of proper communication skills. After all, only knowledge is not enough in this era of cut throat competition but communicating that knowledge effectively is the need of the hour. Having explained the importance of effective communication, we bring to you a rigorous Training Program on Effective Communication. The training program is spread over extensive modules that aim at the overall grooming of English communication skills of students. COURSE BENEFITS: Students will be able to reap the following benefits. They will be able to: 1. Speak fluent English 2. Be more confident in conversing 3. Be effective communicators 4. Be more convincing especially during interviews 5. Become skillful writers 6. Present themselves in interviews with great chances of success! 7. Certificates will be awarded to the students on the completion of the programĀ  8. Certification will be awarded in collaboration with a Foreign University/Institution Together we shall provide a great momentum to placement of students in the corporate world! For detailed program, contact us at international.ardo@gmail.com
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